PURDUE BOILERMAKERS Football Field Carpet Rug Area Rug


PURDUE BOILERMAKERS Football Field Carpet Rug Area Rug

What a rug! This stylish PURDUE BOILERMAKERS Football Field Carpet Rug Area Rug would fit famously well in any home. Made from polyester and cotton, it features to pile up all those potential spills you’ve been guarding against. In this case Google Maps helped you find your way back!

You know that one square footage just isn't enough room. And the sofa, speakers and TV of your living space are looking shabby with all those substandard furniture items staring at your guests. Show off how dynamic you are to everyone by lifting up what they think is a rug!

You know when you need to freshen up your living room, but when you find yourself trying to vacuum the high-traffic paths in between your furniture markers are useless. Area rugs are chic substitutes for ugly throw blankets, so they'll match any decor. It only takes seconds to install one! You can use yours behind a couch or at the entrance of your home to lose dirt and avoid wear on expensive flooring materials that might otherwise sustain damage over time. Want extra breathing space? Section off rooms with one! They're even breezier in the event that you require another seat in lieu of having untouchable air blowing down on everyone all night long.

This PURDUE BOILERMAKERS Football Field Carpet Rug Area Rug is by means of far the best printing quality you'll discover. It will likewise be pleasant to your hands, eyes, and additionally pillows- since it's breathable. Furthermore, this product is launderable for little extra convenience. Along these lines, if you're getting ready for guests over simply hurl out the present one!

This PURDUE BOILERMAKERS Football Field Carpet Rug Area Rug is enticing in every way. It's HD Resolution with HRDive Technology makes it the perfect rug for anyone who wants to think they can catch their kids when they fall, but in reality knows that this area rug isn't about to take the hit. With care so easy you'll wonder why you ever washed anything else in your life (because obviously things like dishes and clothes are too troublesome for busy bees like us), quick drying and all of these wonderful qualities made up of anti-pilling, hypo-allergenic, environmental organic materials it will be impossible not to buy one.

Need a cozy new room rug without the fluffy feeling? The Area Rug is your best friend. Its anti-pilling, hypo-allergenic, quick drying surface are just enough to stand up against your kids and pets while being environmentally friendly - even if you spill some wine on it!

Care Instruction: 

  • Vacuum the top of the rug, then flip it over and vacuum the back of the rug.
  • use a rug shampoo and follow its specific directions (found on the bottle) for mixing.
  • Using a sponge or soft-bristle brush, work the cleaning solution into a lather on the rug.
  • Let it air-dry outside on a laundry drying rack. This may take 24 hours or more.

Why should you go for our Carpet Rug?

  • Our Rug is a premium heat dye sublimation print that will never fade! 
  • All these rugs are super soft, just the way velvet should be. 
  • They come in every possible shape and pattern so you don't have to settle for anything less than an Area Rug from our store!
  • Stylish and Luxury design.
  • 100% Brand New, Never Used before.
  • Easy to Clean & Washable with soap and water, etc...
  • Our customer support team is always here with an answer or to solve any issues you may have.

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